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Southern Comfort Original is the one we all grew up with.

Give classic cocktails. Mar 13, 2018 · The original recipe for Southern Comfort is attributed to Martin Wilkes Heron, who was a bartender in New Orleans in the 1870s.

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Southern Comfort is a whiskey liqueur that is made from a combination of neutral grain spirits, honeysuckle, peach, apricot, and orange flavoring. 2 ounces Southern Comfort Black; 3 ounces ginger beer; 1 lime wedge; mint leaves; Pour Southern Comfort into a glass filled with ice and then. .


Southern Comfort Original Spirit Whiskey 35% (USA) $14. These spirits manage to capture the flavors of SoCo whilst bringing their own qualities to the table. The taste of whiskey is apparent, but there is a sweetness which is brought by the mix of peach liqueur and fresh peaches.

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On the palate, you can taste the sweet, mellow and spice at.


Here’s the deal – Southern Comfort was created in New Orleans in 1874 by M.